Feb 28, 2011

On a Lighter Note

I did watch the Academy Awards last night. You could say my recent comments on celebrity and groupy-ness were well-timed, though I can't say I intended a connection.

Onward. Bearing in mind that birds, dogs and horses cannot tell you what month it is, here's a warm fuzzy for Monday and the conclusion of this particular February:

YouTube - Puppy vs. Cat

And in case you missed this kid on TV, as I did . . . . (You might want to turn your volume down a notch if you're not at home alone. Are we watching a maturation from the first clip to the second or is it something else?)

YouTube - Crazy yodeling

YouTube - Taylor Ware 2010 - He Taught Me How To Yodel

Here's a calmer voice on a different subject entirely:

YouTube - Epic and Honest Mobile Home Commercial



Pasadena Adjacent said...

Thanks for keeping it light. I'm up to my ears in home repair projects. Hint: wear rubber glove when working with cement.

Cute pups but I knew the dogs were going to loose.

Yodel lay he hoo!!

Anonymous said...

I loved your Walt Whitman.

Lovers' Lane