Sep 23, 2012

Jane Springer, "Salt Hill"

Salt Hill by Jane Springer : The Poetry Foundation

Jane Springer's "Salt Hill" isn't specifically about a watering hole for birds--the one I found Friday where a half-dozen robins, a blue jay, a downy woodpecker pair, and, very briefly, as if he were special or spiritual or something, a yellow-rumped warbler. They drank, bathed, shared, played, especially the young robins, whose fun went well beyond any claim that they were merely getting clean.

The stream in the photos is in suburban Detroit, not Jane Springer's Tennessee, yet I feel some kind of connection between them. I can't pinpoint it, but I think the relationship is more specific than "Nature Poem" and "Nature Photo."



What say you to this poem?

Salt Hill by Jane Springer : The Poetry Foundation


Pasadena Adjacent said...

gads, I've been so busy all I've had time to do is run through and look at the pictures. When things slow down I'll be back to join in the conversation. I miss doing this. Hope you are well Banjo - nice woodpecker (I recognize the b and w with red from this area)

Banjo52 said...

PA, Thanks--glad it's just busy-ness and not illness or something bad.

Anonymous said...

That's a punchline, right? But I'm not sure if I quite get it. Something to the effect of "My pony tail's too tight?"

Jean Spitzer said...

I love the last bits, about her son.

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