Mar 23, 2009

Two-Lane Roads

Soon enough, spring will feel real, even in the upper Midwest. Can you recommend any two-lane scenic routes in Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania?

Here's one from me, a day's pleasure drive: in southeastern Ohio, take Rt. 78 from Woodsfield to to Glouster. I'd say take your time, but the road will insist upon that. As a footnote, how many are aware that parts of southeastern Ohio are included in Appalachia?

Consider staying at Burr Oaks State Park near Glouster or one of the other state park lodges (which are also present in Indiana and Kentucky). They are no longer a secret, but if you haven't tried one, you might consider it. They're a welcome change from chain motels on the interstates or pricier places in more glamorous resort areas. You're not as isolated as you could be if you backpacked, but you can find peace and quiet within a few steps of the lodges or cabins. Rooms and restaurants in the lodges tend to be at least average, compared to chains like Comfort Inns or Holiday Inns, though you'll pay a little extra for the scenery at the state parks.

I don't know how these spots fare financially, but they seem well-attended. So I've long wondered why Michigan and Pennsylvania don't create them. I've recently noticed that Georgia has a few, but I haven't tried them yet.

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