Jul 8, 2009

The Speed of Life: a Real Conversation

Left: "Bub's Pub Chatter"

Rather than do a new full-length entry, I want to celebrate, and refer visitors to my July 6 post. At last, we have the beginnings of a conversation! Even debate!--or at least a couple of differing points of view. We can keep this as light-hearted or as earnest as the participants choose. I must say, I don't see how anyone can have no thoughts on this subject, in one tone or another.

Many thanks to Slowmo, Altadenahiker, and NYportraits for getting it started. Anybody else ever been weighed down or churned up, taken out of your comfort zone, by another person's molasses or lightning?
And by the way, yes, Altadena, I had motorcycles in mind, but the subject of bicycles might add to the discussion as well--even mountain bikes versus the skinny-tire folks on pavement. What differences or similarities arise in our first impressions or developed conclusions?

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Unknown said...

Good grief, Banjo, first you offer us "hiker-biker-runner" vs. "walker-sitter-dozer", now you're claiming that the biker you have in mind is the motorcyclist? That obscures, rather than elucidates, so whatever you originally had in mind, please mean those who pedal! The initial distinction seems to invite the contrast between the degree of physicality involved: the h-b-r makes a rather serious physical effort, whereas the w-s-d is comparatively...well...sedentary. The wonder, then, is how is this difference tied to other differences one might consider. Anyway, I suggest the motorcyclist be left out of the conversation.

You also say this: "There is no third or fourth type, only gradations within these two." Do you mean there are two distinct types, each admitting of gradations within type? Or, do you mean these two types are themselves part of the same continuum, and so differ, not in kind, but in degree? Not sure, but suspect something might turn on which is meant.

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