Aug 1, 2009

Blue Jay Arrival; New Blog; Deep Banjo Symbolism

Left: Flapping for Balance

FYI to my vast readership, a new and noteworthy blog in Banjo52 world is . . . look under the blue jay:

For now it’s a travel blog. But the guy can write, so who knows where he’ll go with it after his current trip in China and the Eurasian ‘stans.

By the way, I’ve just noticed the banjo’s shape: at the bottom, an exclamatory O! . . . which sprouts a lengthy antenna of intellectual curiosity (or is that modesty in disguise?).

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bettertry said...

Went to "Hardsleeper" and found interesting travel report of the blogger who is reporting on his solo train trip through China and central Asia. What makes his blog noteworthy are his human detail and insights. Hardsleeper clearly relishes 'holding the podium' as does Banjo52 and the details are worth the read.

Banjo52 said...

Are podiums (podia?) not there to be held?

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