Jan 23, 2010

Dogs, Eye-Contact, Intelligence

Hard Day of Thinking in the Cement Jungle earns a

well-earned nap, but what about the

Bad Ear Day

And Then The Attack of the Dominatrix

Since there are some dog lovers and science types who visit Banjo52, I offer this video about pooch intelligence. It's pretty impressive. If you don't have 8 minutes to spare, you could fast forward to the fourth minute and still get the gist.

YouTube - Dog with a 300 word vocabulary

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PJ said...

There's always something...what a handsome/pretty dog.

I liked the video and all the tidbits of interesting info. What a great way to earn your living.

Brenda's Arizona said...

Oh my, now i must ask myself "Is your dog smarter than a two year old?" Amazing. Our Toby waits for the que to go get a toy. Now we are going to try the "get the ball" vs. "get the rope" or "get the sock". Think he will know??

Thanks for sharing - every dog has a bad ear day!

Banjo52 said...

I think the business about dogs following our eyes was the most fascinating part.

Smarter than a two-year old? What about the fifty-year olds??? Well, that might be hyperbolic, but I've been seeing some extry-stupid human behavior lately--road rage, an encounter over a reserved table in a restaurant, some humans thinking they can stick Wood Stork feathers on themselves and parade around town like "avian rock stars." (thanks, Paula).

Anonymous said...

I know which of my two dogs is on the short bus.

Is there any such thing as too many dog pictures? Not to my taste.

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