Feb 27, 2010

Crazy Heart and Tender Mercies: More Discussion

I'm glad some others remembered Tender Mercies fondly in the visitor comments on yesterday's post. Here's the Betty Buckley link Altadenahiker donated, plus another of Robert Duvall teaching guitar to the son of his landlady and romantic interest, Tess Harper (in the background).

YouTube - Betty Buckley from "Tender Mercies" singing "Over You"

YouTube - Tender Mercies Clip

I might have second thoughts about saying Jeff Bridges is the better singer--might be apples and oranges, though both are certainly country. Maybe some people will return to Tender Mercies and Nashville now that Crazy Heart is getting such acclaim.

Anyone interested in either movie or country music in general ought to look also at the links in yesterday's visitor comments from Paula at Pensacola Daily Photo. Good stuff.

The redhead with the clawhammer banjo is Becky Buller of the band, Liberty Pike.

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