May 29, 2010

Memorial Day, Piedmont Birdcallers

YouTube - Piedmont Birdcallers on David Letterman

I realize my experience with young people is filtered through a happy lens, but I've never quite understood why so many adults flippantly dismiss the young as a disease to be gotten over. Especially if you've never seen the winners of the Piedmont bird calling contest, check out these teens on Letterman. It's not whether you win or lose . . . . .

If you're short on time, skip ahead to the three-minute mark to see the three-girl team. We males are always honking in one way or another, but girls are another story.

A thought: showing video clips like this might be a way to recruit college grads into
teaching . . . .

Also, here's some red, white, and blue from small-town Ohio for Memorial Day. Wednesday night, Rachel Maddow paid a very nice tribute to a Pearl Harbor vet who received 23 wounds that December 7 while firing non-stop at the invading planes. He had just died at age 100. The Left recognizes heroism too.


Brenda's Arizona said...

These are a hoot! Who wakes up one day and wants to become a bird caller? You are right, the three young ladies are interesting (in life and) to watch. They picked their bird because of its accent?? Banjomyn, do you think of birds having accents? And whose call would you practice? I think I'd be a burrowing owl.

Like your photos, too!

Banjo52 said...

Brenda, thanks. Obviously there are many exceptions to high school kids being fun, but when you get the right kids into the right activity, it can indeed be a hoot (as you know). I have college freshmen now, and too many of them are too scared for fun, though it's not altogether absent.

Are you sure that using "hoot" didn't cue you to the burrowing owl?! Doesn't fit with tall guitar player or basketball or mongoose, does it? :)

Never thought about calls I'd actually try. Cardinal, mockingbird, and purple finch (which I THINK I know) are my local favorites, but they all sound like way too much work. Canada Geese flying over in the fall still give me a buzz, and I might be able to pull off a honk.

Also, disclosure: I'm not nearly the birder I might seem, just because I like 'em and had that personal chat with the mockingbird in Florida.

Brenda's Arizona said...

"Hoot" came from my Tennessee days. I crack up everytime I talk to an old Memphis State roommate - they all give 'a hoot' about me, ya know!

I wonder what Purple Finches sound like. I think I will have to go find a site where I can listen to their call! Canadian Geese are buzz worthy, and I love mockingbirds, just for their mocking abilities. But owls... I give a hoot for them!

It's okay to be 'too scared for fun' - someday these students will be too bored with fun.

One awesome birding friend talked me into a Sibley's Birding book, even tho I had a Peterson's book. Then I found the poetry book titled "Bright Wings" - with paintings by Sibley!

I always look forward to seeing a post by you.

Anonymous said...


Fun post, Banjo. Once again I like your photo. Charming old building.

Banjo52 said...

Thanks, folks. I'll be getting on line too to make sure the purple finch is the one I mean (as opposed to house finch, which I KNOW I have) and to check out the call of the peacock.

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