Jun 10, 2010

Hank Williams' "Mansion on the Hill," Sung by Charley Pride

Okay, I couldn't get an actual mansion on a hill, but these two are close enough, and it's time everyone revisited the Hank Williams song. I liked the Charley Pride version better than the other three or four I tried on YouTube, including Hank's very own. Location, Ohio River in southern Indiana, near Madison.

YouTube - Charley Pride - A Mansion on the Hill



Brenda's Arizona said...

When we lived in Tennessee, Charley Pride came to our nearest 'city' (Paducah, Kentucky) to perform at Murray State (I think). Locals seemed to secretly like Charley, but no one would say so out loud. It was the 'race' thing, ya know. Mind you, this wasn't that long ago... Some of his songs had gone platinum (is the metal used to rank sales?) but he still wasn't white.


Banjomyn, I got a new book I'll send on to you after I read it, if you'd like. It is "Poetry in Person: Twenty-five years of conversation with American's poets". A course was taught with guest poets who tell how they make a poem... very interesting, and damn exciting!

Banjo52 said...

Isn't it a shame. From time to time, I wondered what life was really like for him behind the stage curtain. Well, this song is one of my favorite Hank Williams tunes, and Charley Pride's version beats Hank, George Jones, and a couple of others--IMHO, as the kids say.

Thanks for the book tip. I'm pretty bad about returning OR even reading books that I have every intention of reading. Maybe I should look for it myself, at library or Amazon--if anything would get and HOLD my attention, that one might.

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