Dec 13, 2010

FINCH FOLLY, Fourteen Degrees

Finch Folly,
or When Charity Bites Your Butt

Fourteen degrees. Though fighting flu,
I faithfully fed the finches,
for which it feels they fault me,
for they foully fight their fulsome friends

and even fuss at family for the final
inch of thistle in a frilly mesh of sock,
forsaking the full and fruity tube of feed
just fourteen flighty feet away,

for which I dared the fates and which
I filled with feed and fealty too.
Forsooth, for all I feel for finches now,
I might go fetch some fearsome, fancy falcon—

What a foppery of flutter then!
Let the flawed and fatuous finger-birds
philosophize again on flaws and filigree
and who flies fast and flightiest--

but first and foremost, who feeds what to whom,
before the final flocks are fed,
and clocks are finished,
and fates are flung afar.



Michelle said...


Jean Spitzer said...

You've definitively answered the question of whether one keeps filling the bird feeders when it's freezing out.

Feel better.

Brenda's Arizona said...

I fear you are running a temperature and hallucinating, writing in 'alliteration' tongues.

Feel better soon!

bettertry said...

First, I may have to fight fire with fire after freely following your feature on fabulous finches for a seemingly never-ending fortnight. Indeed, your finch feature written from the bird’s eye view from your flat is no fairy tale, yea definitely not a fish story on the face of it.

Forcefully, I must say your fabulous finches are not frail as they face their frigid fate in finding food.

Moreover, I’m flirting with one more flash about your fascinating finch feature and attempting to finalize my foolish fiddling in this farcical foray where I am nothing but a firefly.

I must forge ahead nearly out of breath. Gasping . . . while holding the podium with my last fat finger I must not forget to formally say something about finch families forced from fallen fir trees this time of year that fill homes with fire dangers. WHEW . . . OK . . . I’m finished.

bettertry said...

that was fun . . . oops

Pasadena Adjacent said...

Fittle Freezing Fingrates, fring in the falcon!
(I would have used use a f instead of ph on "philosophize" but why fibble)

Bet it's below 2 degrees now. Stay warm, don't f(s)lip.

Anonymous said...

Awww, not now. Get well.

Brenda's Arizona said...

It is never a good time to mention such a win...

Brenda's Arizona said...

failing feeling good,
or physically phit,
you are funny.

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