Apr 27, 2011

Is Spring Really Trying? Baseball Tidbits.

Here's baseball the way it ought to be played and a video that's quick, sheer fun (thanks, NB):

Videos Posted by Jack Watts: Unbelievable! [HQ] (1)

And here was a nice email surprise. Baseball fans in general and especially Babe Ruth fans might want to look at the link:

We at Collegecrunch.org recently came across your blog and were excited to share with you an article “10 Babe Ruth Facts Every Baseball Fan Should Knowwas recently published on our blog at (http://www.collegecrunch.org/feature/10-babe-ruth-facts-every-baseball-fan-should-know/), and we hoped that you would be interested in featuring or mentioning it in one of your posts.



Birdman said...

Robins, forsythias... good signs!

Brenda's Arizona said...

$80,000?? Wow, nice contract. And how cool that College Crunch found your blog!
Impressive. The 10 facts, too.

Banjo52 said...

And did you notice your freer access to comments? Do I hear applause? Where are the clowns??

Brenda's Arizona said...

Yes, YES! Totally unprotected.

Banjo52 said...

I've asked College Crunch who and what they are. Hope it's as innocent as it seems--various kinds of info about college.

Birdman, good to hear from you again.

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