Aug 12, 2009

Health Care Nuts and Bolts and Nuts

Town Hall Bouncer Boxer Attacks Woman Who Calmly Inquired about Health Care Reform

Gothpunkrocker has given us much to consider about the New Criticism, and I intend to get back to it soon. Please continue to comment on that topic if you wish.

However, I just saw this video, sent as innocent horseplay, and I must reply. My response will make more sense if you first watch the video at

Banjo responds: I hope the town hall militants go after the guys in this video -- as one more group with whom they won't, by god, share health insurance payments, along with smokers, meat eaters, fat people (how fat is too fat?), speeders, drunk drivers, fast drivers, cell phone drivers, make-up applying drivers, drivers whose brakes haven't been checked recently, drivers whose tires haven't been checked recently, drivers whose cars have been bumped in a parking lot in the last 30 years, skate boarders and bikers without helmets, people who put butter on their popcorn, babies born to mothers who smoked tobacco, babies who were not properly fastened into up-to-date-safe car seats, babies who are left-handed, teens who play football, hockey, or lacrosse, people who annoy others into hospitalization in a mental health facility, the patients in the mental health facility, the bricks in the mental health facility, which reminds me of prisons, where no one, or his/her babies, should be insured--let 'em rot, even if they were wrongly convicted (by the way, I want them executed, but I do not want to pay for the electricity to fry them; the government or Donald Trump should pay for that). I do not want to pay for the health insurance of Lance Armstrong; his activity is dangerous, he is clearly obsessive, and by the way, he had cancer--once a cancer, always a cancer. Ditto any NFL or NHL player--and some will need my money because they all go to prison or move to other countries and become illegal immigrants.

And if you disagree with any of the above, contact Charlton Heston, my man at the NRA. Wait -- did he die or something?

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