Jun 21, 2009

Father's Day: Egret or Owl?

Is every father one or the other? Both? Another kind of bird or animal? Shouldn't you have to vote for one? Or write a mini-essay about your choice or why you cannot choose, including the possibility that the assignment is dumb.

Happy Father's Day.

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Unknown said...

When children become adults, must we woo 'em or lose 'em? Surely part of the answer would depend on what we did when our children were children, or are you suggesting that doesn't much matter for answering the question? I suggest that it matters a lot, that it is an important part--part--of finding the best answer.

So we are led to two other questions, also not easy.

When children are children, what do we do to prepare them to be our adult children?

Assuming best answer for that, what's left to be done once they're no longer children?

Thanks, Banjo, for posing the question...and please keep those great avian pics coming!

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