Jun 14, 2009


If you’re the bus driver taking a Dexter City, Ohio team to a Friday night game in Hannibal, Ohio, which route do you choose? Why? What if it’s a Saturday afternoon game?

Aside from a walk or an actual drive in good country, is there something better to do, or wonder about, on a weekend morning?

On a more practical note, would it be crazy to choose Rt. 30 west to east across northern Ohio to get from Toledo to Marietta? Google Maps makes it about a half-hour longer than the more obvious choices of the Ohio Turnpike to I-77, or Ohio Turnpike to Rt. 250 to I-77, or I-75 to Findlay, OH, then Rt. 15 and 23 toward Columbus and east on I-70, possibly avoiding Columbus on Rt. 37 east out of Delaware, OH.

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